The Lord is good and worthy to be praised

God is so good ALL THE TIME, and I am continually amazed by His goodness. Whether you are a midst a challenging situation or already in the celebration of a victory, I pray this post and attached sheets of scriptures bring encouragement to your soul as you meditate on the goodness of our God. His love for us is unconditional, unending and all powerful, and His desire for us to receive His goodness in our lives is FAR BEYOND our own. We need not try to convince Him to bless us, for He already has (Gen 1:28). He desires for us to receive His grace, His love, His joy, His peace, His provision, His healing and wholeness in our physical body, restoration in our relationships and every other good thing…and He has had this desire for you well before you were even born! (Jer 1:5)

Prayer is about opening our hearts to God to receive all that He has in HIS heart for us (which is only good: John 10:10, James 1:17). It’s about heart to heart communication with your creator who has MADE you and cherishes you and knows even more about you than you know about yourself. Through an open heart, we receive HIS thoughts, HIS words, HIS images, and HIS emotions. When we come into agreement with what HE has to say in His Word about a situation, regardless of what things look like temporarily, we release His provision from the supernatural into the natural through our agreement. We’re given a free will and a choice…though God has provision for us in every way as we trust in Him, we have to CHOOSE Him and His provision…it means going to Him, and surrendering ourselves to Him – surrendering our thoughts, our emotions, our ideas, our dreams, our desires, to Him. Sometimes we can get caught up in going our own way or in doing what we think is best or striving to make something happen, even without realizing it, and that’s never fruitful, at least not in the way we had hoped. Our only true hope, the only hope that is certain and is meant to be the anchor for our soul is in Christ Jesus, the Word (Heb 6:19). For no word from God will ever fail (Luke 1:37).

One of the most powerful types of prayer is a prayer of praise and worship! When we simply enter into the joy of who God is and invest time in our relationship with Him, just meditating on who He is and all He has already done in our lives, not because we have all these petitions to bring before Him, but just out of a heart desiring to know Him more and to give thanks and worship Him, we in essence open our hearts wide to receive! For the Lord is worthy to be praised and His love endures forever! (Psalm 106:1) When we seek first His kingdom, all the rest is added unto us (Matt 6:33). I often find that things get done on my behalf for the day while I’m in prayer…when thoughts come trying to tell me I have this to get done and that to get done, or that my agenda for the day is too full, but I call them down and enter into praise all the more…it’s those days that I’m amazed at how light and easy things were and how much MORE actually got done that day! It’s an inexplicable truth.

His love has made the way for us to receive, and no greater love could He have shown us than by giving us His one and only son, Jesus. It’s through Christ (the Word of God) and the gift of the Holy Spirit working in us, that enables us to receive ALL that God has already stored up for us before we even ever had a need for it. Just this morning I experienced this…His provision and grace for something I didn’t even know I would have need for…and there it was. His provision saved me a whole lot of time and extra work. He cares about the things you care about, even those things that may seem small. He has gone ahead of you and there is provision of grace and salvation in every area for you…take time to look upon Him this morning and to be reminded of His goodness and of His great love for you. Open your heart to receive every treasure that has been laid up for you in Christ Jesus, and as you are journeying through life, look expectantly for the provision God has promised you in His Word, no matter what you are faced with in the natural.

Here is a personalized scripture sheet entitled “The Lord is good and loves me  to help get you going in your prayer time and meditating on God’s goodness and His love for you!