God’s Word is life and HEALTH (medicine and a cure) to all our flesh

Proverbs 4:20-23New King James Version (NKJV)

20 My son, give attention to my words;
Incline your ear to my sayings.
21 Do not let them depart from your eyes;
Keep them in the midst of your heart;
22 For they are life to those who find them,
And health (marpe: medicine and a cure) to all their flesh.
23 Keep your heart with all diligence,
For out of it spring the issues of life.

God has made provision for us in His Word for divine health.  As His children, having been made righteous in Christ, we have the RIGHT to divine health and to live free from all sickness and disease.
In John 14:6, Jesus reveals to us that He IS life: “I AM the way the truth and the life.” When we keep the Word (Jesus) in front of our eyes, in our ears and in our mouth MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, we are receiving LIFE into our eyes, ears and mouths more than anything else. Life produces life, and therefore what continually goes into our heart is LIFE, and what continually flows out of it is LIFE.
God’s ways for man are simple…He gives us life and then says now choose life. He gave us Jesus and man has a choice whether or not to choose Him. God tells us to pay attention to Him — give attention to HIS words, incline our ears to HIS sayings…not to our own thoughts and words, not our neighbor’s words, not our spouse’s words, not to our friend’s words, not to the words we read on facebook, not to our doctor’s words…He says give attention to GOD’S WORDS in your ears and keep GOD’S WORDS in front of your eyes.
With very clear instruction, the verses go onto say, DO NOT LET THEM DEPART FROM YOUR EYES…what often happens is Christians say they believe God, but then when it comes to the ratio of what they are thinking on or putting in front of their eyes, God’s words fall into the 10% or less percentage range (I just threw that number out there).
I looked at some research online of the average number of thoughts a person has a day and it is reported that the number is 50,00070,000 thoughts per day!  This means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person.
God desires for us to think on Him and His Words because He is LIFE and He wants life for us! Nothing but God’s word has the ability to give us life, and He desires that we wouldn’t wait to think on Him more intently just when we have a need, because He never wants us to be running on empty. The truth is that what often happens when God’s thoughts are ranking up on the percentage scale in our thought life on a daily basis, is that we have far less personal needs, because we’re no longer living from crisis to crisis and our needs are regularly met in abundance…Our life begins to transition into a place where we’re in the business of being a vessel for God to help meet the needs of others, because ours have already been met.
Society is so inundated with words coming at us from every angle — through television, facebook, radio, people talking wherever we go, and those words we open our ears and our eyes to and start “spinning our wheels about” are seeds that have opportunity to come into our thoughts and into our hearts…even if they aren’t necessarily “bad,” they are taking up space in our minds. Though we may be thinking on God’s word some of the time, once all those other things start coming into our minds, we begin to experience “run on sentence syndrome” LOL! that may sound something like this in a Christians’ mind:
“God’s word is life to me who finds them (Proverbs 22)….I’ve been saying that for almost a week now and this symptom hasn’t left my body yet, and this person says I should really get it checked out so I think I should get it checked out…I got it checked out and the doctor gave me this prescription and it helped for awhile, but now I’m battling the same thing again…I’m tired…this thing just won’t leave my body…they laid hands on me at church tonight and I received my healing…oooh not again, that headache came back….I guess the prayer Sunday night didn’t work. Maybe there’s something else God wants me to be doing…God, I believe, by your stripes I am healed…(1 Pet 2:24)..I just need to take a rest…what’s on t.v….Oh I have to finish doing that thing for tomorrow…what am I making for dinner?…I wish I could sleep in tomorrow…I have that meeting at 9:00…”Ring, ring…hey! Do you have time to chat? Sure….they did what!?”
There is absolutely NO condemnation for us in Christ Jesus!!! And this is not to make any of us feel bad about our thought life! We have ALL fallen short in this area. Instead, this is the time to simply see that God has a clear pathway to the promises that He has prepared for us, and if we really want to be living in them on a daily basis, that pathway comes from HIM occupying the most space in our minds as well as in our hearts.
While every promise is already yes and Amen (so be it!) unto us in Christ as 2 Corinthians 1:20 tells us, WE are the ones to say the Amen (so be it!) And sometimes those thoughts in our minds want to try to rob us of what is already ours in Christ by taking up too much space and stealing space away from life-giving thoughts in us.
Proverbs 4:20-23, involves embracing God’s Words more than anything else and that takes discipline of the Holy Spirit and a choice and willingness on our part to submit ourselves to Him on a daily basis. BUT IT’S NOT A HARD THING! And God wouldn’t give us instruction that we couldn’t carry out. So, the first powerful thing to do that can revolutionize your thinking is to tell yourself, “this isn’t a hard thing for me.” “God lives in me and I live in Him!”
When we simply start our day yielding to the Holy Spirit and are conscious that we are living our life through Him, He will help us to keep watch over our time and what we are letting be in front of our eyes and in our ears…He will also speak to us from within about what we are letting come out of our mouths…your flesh may battle and really want to say what it is “feeling” in the middle of a circumstance, but the Spirit (as you choose to declare, “by grace I live and move and have my being in you”) will keep you in check and help you to live out the win that Jesus already gave you over the nature of your flesh. The Spirit will rule over your flesh and carry out the victory for you…all you have to do is submit to Him.
See, I realize by the Spirit that a good number of people have been experiencing sickness in their physical body often because of the THOUGHTS going through their minds. They aren’t even always thoughts about sickness, but just thoughts about all kinds of things that do not line up with the truth in the Word, or just have nothing at all to do with God. From self-condemnation, to rejection, to being mad at someone or thinking someone is mad at them, to just being busy and having their minds full of all kinds of things…what we THINK ON…what we put in front of our eyes and let in our ears has a great impact on our physical body. AND what we think on is either bringing life to us (through the Word of God) OR taking life and energy away from us.
These verses in Proverbs are simply revealing a promise to us that if we will choose to be attentive (meaning paying the most attention, giving first place in our thoughts, in our minds and in our hearts) to GOD’S WORDS, they will bring life to us! That’s it! Super simple!
Sometimes other things seem to be more attractive to us to put in front of our eyes or into our ears. We may have a little bit of God’s Word going into us, and even a lot on Sundays, but then throughout the week it’s the “squirrel” mentality and we’re enticed to watch this, meet up with this person, listen to this…get caught up in work so much that we haven’t had time to think on God’s thoughts and by the end of the night we’re too tired to even say a single word…some of these things may be fun and appealing to us, some may be “essential” for our every day living like having a job to put food on the table…but none of these thoughts are life-giving to us. Instead, they are all causing us to continually expend energy and give out life, and this affects our physical body just as much as it affects our souls.
Keeping God’s words at the forefront isn’t a hard thing…it isn’t something that requires us to stop doing everything else we’re doing so that we can just focus on Him (though it is good to have some of that time in your daily life). Keeping God’s words at the forefront simply involves thinking of HIM throughout the day…being aware that He is with you and in you and you are in Him wherever you go. He is with you even though you can’t see him with your natural eyes. Just being aware of Him like you would a natural person you can see will open up conversation with Him amidst your conversations with other people, amidst your busiest day at work …no matter what you’re doing…He’ll be in your thoughts, He’ll be in your head and in your heart. AND He’ll be imparting life unto your physical body all throughout the day as you are openly receiving Him.
SO, if we want to experience life in our physical bodies on a daily basis, the solution is simple…we remain conscious of the life-giving Spirit within us and allow Him to speak to us throughout our day. And when He speaks a scripture or a word to us that we know is a promise He desires for us to receive, we KEEP IT in the center of our heart and at the forefront of our mind.
Here is a “healing card” scripture card available for you to print out healing card personalized  that is short and easy to keep at your desk, in your car, next to the sink where you get ready in the morning…and also easy to share with a friend or family member. It is a personalized version of Proverbs 4:20-23 to help keep God’s promise of life and health to your physical body at the forefront of your thoughts throughout the day — not only for someone who is experiencing sickness or pain either!! This verse is for the WHOLE body of Christ, so that every day we receive this promise and experience life and life more abundantly in our physical bodies on a daily basis, and for 120 years for those of us who believe.
Personal Prayer:
Father God, I thank you for the gift of your son, Jesus Christ, who is a life-giving spirit to me. I thank you for the gift of eternal life that I have received in Christ. By your grace, I give attention to your words, and I incline my ears to your sayings. By your grace, I do not let them depart from my eyes and I keep them in the midst of my heart. I thank you that your words are life to me who finds them and health (medicine and a cure) to all my flesh and all my being on a daily basis. I receive the gift of divine health you have given me in Christ. By your grace, I keep my heart with diligence and see that it is continually receiving life from you and springing forth life flowing out of it as well. In Jesus’ Name, I freely believe and receive because of Him, Amen.